about ME

Me and you

This is our story of creating a family with help from anonymous sperm donation, IUI, IVF, some other special people plus two hairy dogs.

Ten random things about ME, in no particular order:

  1. I am a leader for Girl Guides (aged 14-16)
  2. I have ‘owner-builder’ permit to build garage at my house (tick tock… expiration date is approaching)
  3. I have lived/worked in Scotland, Canada and England
  4. I have two older sisters who live nearby, neither of them have their own children
  5. I have little people in my life who call me Aunty Roar (that’s a two year olds version of my actual name)
  6. I am in a community singing group, we meet Wednesday nights and occasionally do gigs
  7. I have been to 22 countries (doesn’t count unless for at least 24 hours!)
  8. I started a degree in architecture and completed a degree in construction management
  9. I live in Melbournes west and work in Geelong (South East corner of Australia)
  10. Home (AKA where-the-heart-is) is in the great south-west of Victoria (Dad still at family home, Mum in nursing home)
  11. I love my two hairy dog friends; known here as Blue Boy and Green Girl

I am attempting to write this blog anonynously. This is so I can write freely about topics in my life to protect me, my friends and family, and YOU my baby/babies. If you my casual and/or dedicated readers happen to know who I am I just ask you be discreet on here about identifying facts and discuss with me directly anything you feel needs attention.

I am happy for you to know me as Roar, Aunty Roar or soon Mumma Roar. x

PS. You can also follow me on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/meyouandyoume

PPS. In case you were wondering…


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